A List of Engagement Resources

I have been collecting community engagement in health and well-being resources which are accessible online for a number of different purposes over the last few months and thought rather than keeping a static list to myself I would share the list which I will update I and hope others could fill in the probably large gap, so in no particular order…..

Please note that by community engagement in HW resources resources I mean publications, articles, resources, tools produced to help improve how patients, carers and citizens are engaged and involved in health and well-being.

NESTA co-production catalogue http://bit.ly/12h80NN

NESTA the business case for people power health http://bit.ly/15ON0CA

SCIE Co-production and participation:older people with high support needs http://bit.ly/13FFsOw

Cormac Russell Asset Based Community Development in a Health Context http://t.co/rTr9fKfd

Edgar Cahn No More Throw Away People http: nomorethrowawaypeople.org.uk

NHS III Putting Patients First: what do we really mean http://bit.ly/1471lpr

DH Better Health, Better Experience, Better Engagement http://bit.ly/11nvCDX

HELP Empowering Communities for Health http://bit.ly/11nvVhY
HELP literature review http://bit.ly/1a2qzH6

International Journal for Quality in Healthcare: Impact of patient and public involvement on UK NHS health care: A systematic review http://bit.ly/119FkIw

DH Smart Guides for engagment http://bit.ly/15t6AEN

NICE Public Health Guidance: Community Engagement Note 9 http://bit.ly/12cqTFw

Tricia Nicoll Consulting Co-Production – how are you doing http://bit.ly/10l9Ysl

Wansworth CCG Toolkit http://bit.ly/12jrxvU

NHS Lambeth Audit tool for engagement http://bit.ly/10ukRt3

NHS Lambeth Health and Well-being Board Charter http://bit.ly/13kmq0N

SCIE Towards co-production: taking participation to the next level http://bit.ly/11VV91Y

CAF Lessons Learnt Coproduction http://bit.ly/ZKVcvY

The impact of patient and public involvement http://bit.ly/13GDQ7h

Bring it on http://bit.ly/ZSdVJK

Kings Fund Leadership for Patient Engagement http://bit.ly/ZKVcvY

Fling open your doors http://bit.ly/18wXuFA

Altogether Better http://bit.ly/1473TnD

LMU Developing an assessment tool for evaluating community involvement http://1.usa.gov/13koC8E

LMU People in Public Health http://bit.ly/12hcSCB

Embedding patient and public engagement in local commissioning http://bit.ly/130NAGx

Macmillan Cancer Support Making user involvement effective http://bit.ly/1477bXS

BMJ Dr Jonathon Tomlinson We must join forces with our patients http://bit.ly/16kdZ8Q

AJPA Co-production and Health System Report – From Re-imaging to Re-making http://bit.ly/1478FS6

Pathways through participation: what creates and sustains active citizenship? http://bit.ly/YIgcZd

Shared decision making http://bit.ly/10J11ZM

HSJ Different strokes for different folks http://bit.ly/175qghr

PC3 Becoming a person centred commissioning organisation http://bit.ly/10dUgn5

High Impact Changes for CCGs http://bit.ly/YIhPWT

Kings Fund The Patient-Centred Care Project http://bit.ly/ZL3PXr

NIHR Exploring the relationship between patients experiences of care and the influence of staff motivation and well-being http://bit.ly/10wdwxJ

How to reconcile participation and representation http://bit.ly/10dVfn6

Health Foundation What is Coproduction? http://bit.ly/17OSZVQ

Picker Institute http://bit.ly/ZL8oRz

NEF In this together http://bit.ly/11nMvy8

Co-production A manifesto for growing the core economy http://bit.ly/12hjdOs

The New Zealand Medical Journal Improving Healthcare through the use of co-design http://bit.ly/15tkmaq

Health Affairs: Patient Engagement http://bit.ly/17OU93z

Scottish Council Participation Toolkit http://bit.ly/13kybEp

Ten Attributes of Health Literate Health Care Organisations http://bit.ly/1311Lv5

Decision aids for people facing health treatment or screening decisions http://1.usa.gov/194pqyc

Responsible Recovery http://bit.ly/ZL6Bw1

From Fairytale to reality http://bit.ly/10dXsiB

Making Shared Decision Making a Reality http://bit.ly/15tmqiy

The Magic Programme http://bit.ly/13kvJhh

VAW Involving people: a practical guide

InHealthAssoc Engagement Cycle http://engagementcycle.org/

Why active citizenship should be at the heart of the NHS http://bit.ly/13876Up

Coproduction of Care Young Foundation http://bit.ly/19jUjmg


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